Izithelo zokusebenza ngokuzikhandla

Moses TembeNgokujwayelekile uma sicabanga ngabantu aba ‘zinikelayo emiphakathini yabo’, sicabanga ngosonhlalakahle, onompilo, abaholi bezenkolo, yebo bonke laba babalulekile ekwakhiweni kwemiphakathi enenqubekela phambili nozwelo kodwa asikaze sicabange ngosomabhizinisi. Kodwa emazweni afana neSouth Africa, lapho izinga labantu abangasebenzi lingu 25% kanye nabantu abasha abalinganiselwa ngaphezu kwesigamu abafuna umsebenzi, abantu abafana noMoses Tembe ‘abanikela’ ngendlela eyakhayo nenenqubekela phambili, ngokwakha amathuba emisebenzi lapho abengekho khona.

Uke wathola umklomela we-Investec Bank/Sunday Tribune Entrepreneur Award, njengamanje uMoses ungusihlalo […]

Good Friday Procession

This Friday, the 14th April, will see thousands of worshippers take to the streets of Durban for the annual ecumenical Good Friday Service. Hosted by the Diakonia Council of Churches*, the service will start at dawn at the Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC) before processing – in silence – through the streets of the city, to the Durban City Hall.

Each year, the Good Friday service highlights a particular aspect of national suffering or injustice. The service this year will focus on the theme Whom Shall I […]

HIV Museum for Durban

An HIV museum might seem like a bit of a strange concept, but given that the virus has been active in the South African population for going on thirty-five years now, and that South Africa has the highest number of HIV-positive people in the world, with the virus being most prevalent in KwaZulu-Natal, it’s something that makes complete sense. HIV and Aids are very much part of our recent history, and sadly, will still feature in South […]

The Value of Hard Work

Moses TembeGenerally when we think about people who ‘give back to their communities’ we think of social workers, care-givers, religious leaders – and of course these people are all essential in building a functional and caring society, but we don’t tend to think of entrepreneurs. Yet in countries like South Africa, with an unemployment rate of 25% and more than half of our youth actively looking for work, it is people like

Building a City

It may not sound like the most glamorous work, but as Durban’s City Engineer for 16 years, 2015 eThekwini Living Legend, Don Macleod, gave more to our city than you can ever imagine! President of both the South African InstitutionDon Macleod of Engineering and the Southern African Institution of Municipal Engineering, Don spent a good many of his working years focusing on the processing of sewage, and was responsible for the construction of […]

Challenging Perceptions

ALBINISM-m6eoe6ozs4i7fxdmxqgbqt0bpvb9bg1y5volernp0k.pngAlbinism is something that is either revered or feared in most societies in the world, with very few accepting people who suffer from albinism as ‘normal’. In South African law sufferers are considered disabled and are thus afforded protection by the Constitution, with their labour rights being protected by the Employment Equity Act. The fact that a need for such laws exists is why people like 2015 eThekwini Living Legend, Bhekisisa Thabethe, perform […]

Building A Community

Thulkana PalanIt sounds a bit ridiculous, but reading the CV of Thulkana Palan really is a little exhausting! The amount that this 2015 eThekwini Living Legend has achieved is absolutely amazing! And even now, in his eighties, Thulkana shows no signs of slowing down. Thulkana Palan served in the House of Delegates for ten years, before being elected as a ward councillor in 1999, a position he held for 12 years. […]

Another Feather in His Cap

Never one to rest on his laurels, Judge Khayelihle Kenneth Mthiyane recently took up the position of Chairperson of the Commission of Inquiry into the remuneration of teachers and other civil servants. Judge Mthiyane retired from his position as Deputy President of the Supreme Court of Appeal, one of the top four senior positions of the judiciary, in September last year and took up his new role in November. In addition to looking at the issue of pay the Commission is also mandated […]

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma Receives the Gülen Peace Award

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission and 2015 eThekwini Living Legend, was recently presented with the Fethullah Gülen Peace and Dialogue Award. The awards are organised by the Turquoise Harmony Institute, a dialogue centre that aims to promote mutual understanding and exchange between people from different cultures and religions. The Gülen Peace Award is bestowed upon individuals or organisations that are seen to have made noteworthy contributions to dialogue, peace and harmony in their societies. Previous recipients of the award include Archbishop Emeritus Desmond […]

Gambit The Dolphin, Making Waves!

In addition to awards for individuals, every year eThekwini Living Legends acknowledges an organisation which has helped to contribute to the spirit of Durban. This year the ‘organisation’ took an unusual form with Gambit the dolphin receiving the honour. Gambit was brought to Durban from Namibia in 1976 at the age of five; now 44, Gambit has spent the past four decades educating the public about how they can do their bit to protect the environment and the world’s oceans.

Some Gambit facts:

  • Gambit was named after Mike […]