The Durban Music School

Located on the outskirts of Durban’s CBD is 21 Diakonia Avenue, the home of the Durban Music School (DMS). It’s as unlikely a place as any for an institution that teaches children classical music, but that was exactly the idea when the school’s director, Mr Dannewitz, chose to house the school there 15 years ago. The idea was to to bring music to children who would otherwise never get to experience it. An idea […]

Carving New Paths

It’s wonderful to see the work of our Living Legends being acknowledged not only by the City of Durban, but by the public as well! Last week local reporter, William Charlton-Perkins, wrote about the incredible work that the Durban Music School, and Kim Matthews as its leader, does in terms of changing “the life trajectory….of the nation’s neediest kids”. Through the school, and the music bursaries that it offers, children in areas like Albert Park and Umlazi have the chance to become professionally […]

Not Just Elevator Music…..

Most people think of music simply as entertainment – something to dance to, to create ambiance, to help us relax – and of course music does all those wonderful things, and more! But what they don’t think about is the positive impact that it can have on the lives of the performers. It’s scientifically proven that learning to play a musical instrument is incredible exercise for the brain, and add to that the discipline that’s required to perfect an instrument, […]