Gift of the Givers: Bringing South Africans Home

As the largest disaster relief organisation on the continent, Gift of the Givers (GOTG) are well known in South Africa for the work that they do during times of crisis. After the recent fires in Kysna the foundation was quick to respond to the countless people who had been left homeless, and again when a fire broke out in the informal township of Imizamo Yethu, the GOTG team was there to provide relief. But what a lot of people aren’t […]

2016 Global Citizen Award

Sadly so often Africa is seen as a continent in need of help, reliant on outside assistance for financial aid, so it comes as a welcome respite when one of our own is acknowledged for the charitable work that they do, not only on our shores, but around the world. Last month Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of the Gift of the Givers Foundation, was awarded the prestigious Global Citizen Award by UK-based firm Henley & Partners. The prize of $50 000 (US), […]

Gift of the Givers, A Mercy to All

The Gift of the Givers Foundation is much like one of our other Living Legends awardees, the Highway Hospice, in that it’s an organisation that most of us take for granted. It’s been around for going on 25 years, and is a name that we hear more and more these days as the reach of the NGO extends further and further, as does the need for its support. But when you […]