Project Description

Sensei Muzomusho Lameck Chamane was born in Durban in 1941. Chamane began practicing karate in 1966 at the age of 25, he had little faith in the use of violent weapons for defense and saw potential in the art form to benefit his community.

In 1968, he began training under Mr. L. T. Zungu. When Zungu founded the School of Karate in Kwa-Mashu, Chamane was immediately instated as his assistant. After obtaining a brown belt from Zungu, he went on to train under Sensei Rob Ferriere, South Africa’s foremost Springbok representative and the Chief Instructor of JKA Shotokan Karate of Natal.

Chamane was graded First Black Belt in 1980 and continued to pursue excellence in his art. In 2012, Chamane was graded a Fifth Dan Black Belt and was recently honoured by the South African JKA Karate Association with the 30 Years Special Award for his dedication to the art of karate and to his students.

At 73, Chamane currently works as a karate trainer at the Kwa-Mashu Indoor Sports Centre and still trains with Sensei Rob Ferriere. His work continues to have a positive impact on all members of the community, instilling self-discipline and providing an outlet for the youth away from social ills.