Project Description

Bhekisisa Maxwell Thabethe was born in Eshowe in 1968, Feb 1. He did his sub-standard A and sub-standard B at Habeni Bantu Combined (BC) School. He then did his lower primary education at Fundakahle LP School. His higher primary education was at Mthethweni HP School where he became a boy scout. During this time, he excelled in neatness and marching and was appointed as a trainer for Secondary Education. He then went to oGwini Comprehensive School. During this period, he joined gospel music as a singer and worked with a number of gospel groups in Durban.

Mr. Thabethe has an NTC 5 from Swinton Road Technical, a STD Teachers Diploma from Indumiso College of Education, and also a Diploma (Education Management Diploma) from Pretoria University. Mr Thabethe also holds a Diploma in Technology Education from UKZN and a BeD (Hons) in Education Management Law and Policy from Pretoria University. He also holds a BeD (Hons) in Technology Education from UKZN.

Maxwell Thabethe is the champion of the civil rights of the people living with disabilities in KwaZulu Natal. He is the Chairperson of Albinism Society of South Africa in KwaZulu Natal (ASSA-KZN) and he is at the forefront of the struggle to see the integration of ASSA into municipality and Government structures and also the implementation of equity policies and to empower people with Albinism in KZN.

Thabethe also did a study that was endorsed by the MEC for the Department of Social Development (DSD) Weziwe Thusi that tackles teaching Technology and Mathematics within deaf schools. On this research, he underlined that “there is always a cry in our growing democracy that Technology skills in South Africa are lacking, yet there is a non-utilised human resource in disabled communities. My hypothesis is that we need to conduct research in disabled communities so that we can provide therapeutic support that will enhance an appropriate understanding of gateway subjects to vulnerable population”.

Mr. Thabethe is also a board member of Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa. This foundation is aimed at implementing a National Skin Cancer Screening Day which is held in September every year. Facilitating these events and projects which requires a special skill and insight is handled by Mr. Thabethe and his team in KZN.

Maxwell Thabethe is currently:

  • The PA of a Bishop in Agape Fellowship;
  • Doing his Doctoral Degree (PhD) at UKZN;
  • Lecturing in Technology Education Department of UKZN.
  • Chairperson of Albinism Society of South Africa in KwaZulu Natal (ASSA-KZN).