Praying For Rain

While KwaZulu-Natal has received some rains, Umgeni Water cautioned just last month that the province is not yet safe from worsening drought conditions, with a fifteen percent water restriction remaining in place in eThekwini. It is thought that the first proper rains will only come in September, or in the first quarter of next year. If rainfalls are worse than expected, we could see restrictions increasing to twenty percent. While for many of […]

A Vision of the Past

One of the most exciting things about visiting a new city, whether you’re conscious of it or not, is the architecture. Buildings, especially great ones, tell a story about the people and the places they were built for. Whether it’s a sky-reaching Cathedral trying to get closer to God, or the Brutalist architecture of government institutions, buildings often hint at far more than the bricks and mortar that they’re made out of. So a compilation of drawings by second-year Natal School of Architecture students, […]

Tu Nokwe: No Rest for the Wicked

It’s a bit exhausting to read the antics of the wonderfully talented Tu Nokwe, recipient of a 2016 eThekwini Living Legends award. Born into a family of musicians Tu has spent her life surrounded by music, and it seems has never stopped adding to frenetic creativity that surrounds her famous family. With a jazz musician for a father, and an opera singer for a mother, it would have been surprising […]

A Shining Light

Most Durbanites will have seen the giant Christmas tree that makes an appearance every December in Jameson Park, but what many people aren’t aware of is that the tree is actually part of a Highway Hospice charity drive. The Tree of Light is erected at the end of the year in memory of lost loved ones, with donations helping to fund the running of the Hospice, which relies largely on the public for its […]

Celebrating our Freedom


This coming Wednesday marks Freedom Day, possibly one of the most important days that we recognise as a democratic South Africa. It was on the 27th April 1994 that the residents of eThekwini, along with the rest of the country, stood in queues to cast their votes in the country’s very first non-racial elections. It was the official rebirth of our nation, and this year Durban is celebrating it with the Spirit […]

The Melvin Peters Quartet

If you live in Durban and have attended your fair share of concerts it’s likely that at some point you’ve listened to the soothing tunes of 2010 eThekwini Living Legend, Melvin Peters. Peters, who’s worked alongside the likes of musical greats Dave Brubeck and Abdullah Ibrahim, also regularly supports local Durban musicians, as well as performing as part of The Melvin Peters Quartet. The jazz musicians who make up the quartet have […]