awards-picThe eThekwini Living Legends Awards is an initiative of the Parks, Recreation & Culture Service Unit of eThekwini Municipality to recognise the greatness achieved by past or current residents of eThekwini in various fields of human endeavour, while they are still living. These Awards acknowledge individuals with outstanding achievements, and those who have demonstrated a sustained and extraordinary contribution to our legacy, in various categories of expertise. Having evolved into a programme, from what was previously an annual one-day event, the eThekwini Living Legends Awards forms part of the eThekwini Heritage – Our Legacy strategy, led by the Parks, Recreation and Culture Unit of the Municipality.

Pivotal to this is the tenet that to value our heritage in all its dimensions, to care for it as a treasure bequeathed to us by our ancestors, to recognize that it is our duty to transmit it intact to our children, is a sign of wisdom. If a community is aware of the factors that have influenced its history and shaped its identity, it is better placed to engage with and build peaceful relations with other peoples and to forge its future