Zandile GumedeThe sixth anniversary of eThekwini Living Legends allows one to look back and ponder on various collective experiences that we as citizens and visitors might have failed to notice.  I make this point on the basis of the fact that we are so engrossed in our daily activities as politicians, officials and citizens and perhaps often overlook humble, positive deeds by many individuals who always endeavour to contribute to creating a liveable and loving city.

Perhaps we often attract so much negative energy by paying too much attention to the dark side of our urban life as we meditate on crime, poverty and disease.  In pursuit of our objectives of transforming eThekwini into one of the most enviable cities that the world has ever known, let us not forget to acknowledge our successes, irrespective of all the woes that we often witness on a daily basis.  2013 Living Legends Awards comes at an opportune time because access and social cohesion are some of the strategic focus areas that define how we wish to relate to each other as citizens of this city.  We might overlook the fact that most of these Living Legends have, in one way or another, made huge strides towards achieving this goal of self definition outside the official confines of service delivery as this City’s central mandate.  It is worth noting that at the centre of most of the positive actions of these powerful individuals lies the human element.  It is high time that we defined our relevance on the basis of cognizance we take around our shared humanity and social aspirations.

Various fields of human excellence that we are here to acknowledge tonight should help us understand what a fortunate city we are for having such great achievers in our midst.  2013 Living Legends, may your positive contributions continue to imbue this City with positivity that we always yearn for.  Thank you very much for humbly agreeing to continue being who you are to all of us.