Obed Mbatha is living proof that life is what we make of it. Not many people could imagine achieving serious prestige working as a doorman, but as with everything he does in life, Obed has given his all to his role of head doorman of the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Durban, and the results are awe inspiring! In addition to being the recipient of an eThekwini Living Legend Award in 2010, Obed was one of eleven Hilton employees globally to win the Hilton CEO Light and Warmth award in 2013. Given that the Hilton employs in excess of 400 000 people, to be just one of a handful of people honoured by the group is incredible!

Obed has also met more celebrities and dignitaries than most A-list reporters, including former heads of state, Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Not that it matters to Obed who he’s opening the door for – resplendent in his button covered blazer that he’s so famous for, Obed opens the door for each and every guest as if they’re king or queen for the day!

What an asset to our city, and an inspiration to us all – that we can find joy in everything we do, and in the process bring happiness to those around us!

Image courtesy of recroom.hilton-recognition.com