Most of us associate the Highway Hospice with cancer, because that’s what the organisation is best known for, but the Hospice offers palliative care for patients suffering from any life threatening disease that is no longer responsive to curative treatment, not just cancer. And not only do they minimise the suffering of the ill, but also that of family members who require counselling and support – often it’s hardest for the people left behind. Based in KwaZulu-Natal, with its high incidence of HIV infections, the Highway Hospice works a great deal with Aids patients, as well the children orphaned by this terrible epidemic. Most of us in Durban will be aware of the Hospice branch in Sherwood, as well as their shop in New Germany, but the Hospice also has a number of satellite branches to look after those who are in the more rural areas. Highway Hospice Umlazi recently held a memory workshop for orphans in the area, as well as a donations drive where they were overwhelmed with the blankets and other donations that they received from people who have so little compared to most of us!

And the Hospice does all of this with no expectation of payment, relying solely on fundraising – so please remember this the next time you’re cleaning out your cupbad or have a few pennies left at the end of the month – every cent counts!