It may not sound like the most glamorous work, but as Durban’s City Engineer for 16 years, 2015 eThekwini Living Legend, Don Macleod, gave more to our city than you can ever imagine! President of both the South African InstitutionDon Macleod of Engineering and the Southern African Institution of Municipal Engineering, Don spent a good many of his working years focusing on the processing of sewage, and was responsible for the construction of Durban’s first sewage treatment plants. In later years Don also saw to it that sewage systems were installed in the poorer black communities, which up until then had been largely neglected.

It’s easy not to think about how our waste is disposed of, but it’s something that’s hugely important, and when it comes to preventing the spreading of disease, it can literally mean the difference between life and death. So thank you to Don for devoting his working life to help to make Durban the great city that it is today!