_DSC5492ade SMLIt seems like the year’s barely begun and already we’re nearly half-way through February, so there’s no time to lose if you want to nominate someone for the 2016 eThekwini Living Legends Awards! Nominations can be dropped off in person at all municipal libraries and museums, or you can make your nomination from the comfort of your desk by submitting online. It’s essential that all nominations are accompanied by a detailed biography of the person that you’re putting forward, as well as a letter of recommendation, and that he or she is a current or past resident of eThekwini.

We have so many incredible people in eThekwini, people who’ve done such amazing things! The least that we can do is to acknowledge their contributions that have helped to make eThekwini the very special place that it is!

Photograph courtesy of kenakosa.co.za