Thulkana PalanIt sounds a bit ridiculous, but reading the CV of Thulkana Palan really is a little exhausting! The amount that this 2015 eThekwini Living Legend has achieved is absolutely amazing! And even now, in his eighties, Thulkana shows no signs of slowing down. Thulkana Palan served in the House of Delegates for ten years, before being elected as a ward councillor in 1999, a position he held for 12 years. But as impressive as that is it’s really Thulkana’s volunteer community service that stands out the most. Aside from being a founding member of both the Havenside Civic Association and the Federation for the Civic Association in Chatsworth, he also assisted with a local pre-school for more than two decades until it was taken over by the Department of Education. And now retired Thulkana is using his years of experience to help residents with their day to day issues. Referred to locally as a sadhu, he is a trusted member of his community, helping people with everything from pension applications to filling out documentation for land claims.

It is people like Thulkana Palan who turn roads and buildings into neighbourhoods and communities, places where people feel that they really belong.