Bheki MkhwaneAs adults we’re kept busy with our day-to-day lives and we rarely look back at the wonder and excitement that we experienced as children, but if you were ever lucky enough to watch Bheki Mkhwane perform when you were a child, this is one memory that would have stayed with you, even into adulthood! Bheki is physical theatre at its very best, transporting children into the wilds of Africa with his incredible movement and sounds, created with nothing more than a few sticks and a bucket or two! Over the years Bheki’s talents have broadened and he now works not only as an actor, but also as a director, and co-founder of KZN-based company, Just In Time, a theatre trust committed to the development and representation of indigenous theatre. Not only are Bheki’s performances always entertaining, but his work has purpose and local relevance, with plays like Sitting Around the Fire telling the story of four men who find themselves living on the streets of Durban’s Point Road.

An incredible actor and mentor, Bheki has passed on his teachings to his son, Menzi Mkhwane, so that a new generation of children will get to experience the magic and beauty that is the wonderful world of live theatre!

Click here to watch a short montage of Bheki on stage in Born Thru the Nose.